Angel Investing – “Dream, Girl……”

26fa03f0-8072-4593-9156-e4fa79e7fe3bThere’s a great quote from Albert Schweitzer  – “Do something wonderful, people may imitate it”. Hopefully other people will imitate the over 184 backers (myself included) of a current KickStarter Project called Dream, Girl: The Documentary.

Dream Girl will be a documentary film showcasing female entrepreneurs and through their stories encouraging girls to dream big.  As described in their KickStarter Home Page – “The finished film will feature 4-6 female founders from a variety of diverse companies in tech, fashion, nonprofit, advertising, and other industries. It will also feature commentary from cultural experts, gender experts, and investors; telling in-depth stories that examine the unique circumstances of each founder’s journey, while identifying and analyzing the common struggles, challenges, and triumphs that connect them“.

Women have certainly made a lot of progress since I was a girl (we won’t elaborate as to which century I am referring to…) and it is encouraging to see more “girl power” in the media like the great ad campaigns of GoldieBlox – a female-founded company whose mission is  “disrupting the pink aisle” by developing toys to bring out the engineer in girls. We have research from organizations like Catalyst and McKinsey that validate that Companies with Women in the C-Suite or on the Board experience better financial performance. And we have a number of Angel Investment Groups including Golden Seeds, Astia Angels, The JumpFund, X squared Angels, and others who focus on investing in female entrepreneurs.

That being said, there is still a lot to be done to raise the profile of women in the media, and encourage our girls to “dream big”.





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