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What’s a “Digital Immigrant” to do?

Several weeks ago, my “twenty-something” daughter suggested that I read “The Digital Divide” – a compendium of essays edited and introduced by Mark Bauerlein which present arguments both in support of and opposed to the new world of social media in which we currently reside. The first chapter of the book is a reprint of an article, first published in 2001, by Marc Prensky entitled Digital natives, Digital immigrantsThe “Digital Natives” he describes are members of the generation that has grown up surrounded by technology, my “twenty-something” daughter included.  In contrast, the “Digital Immigrants” were not born into the “digital” world ( black and white TV was considered a big step for this generation) but rather have adopted new technology later in life. Although the focus of the article was on the different learning styles of “digital natives” and the implications for our educational system, the basic tenets apply as well to those of us engaged in angel investing. Continue reading